We do offer wholesale!

Before you proceed with your application, we would like to provide you with some essential information regarding our wholesale program and the guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Separation of Business Entities: It's important to note that ALL wholesalers must do their business operations separately from MNC. This means refraining from posting your business-related information on the MNC group, MNC Facebook page, or the MNC website.
  2. Application Process: To apply for a wholesale account, please create your account at our Wholesale Application Page. After submitting your application, please allow 3-5 business days for approval. If you have a retail account with us, please apply with a different email address. Otherwise, your application may not be approved because our system cannot accept different accounts with the same email address.
  3. Log in to Your Wholesale Account: Once approved, you'll have access to log in as a wholesaler using the Maire Nicole Clothing retail website to access our wholesale catalog with exclusive discounts and make purchases.
  4. Wholesale Discounts: You can find the discount tiers here: MNC Wholesale Program Prices.
  5. Order Requirements: Wholesale orders require a minimum purchase of $500 per order. Please note that any discount codes do not apply to wholesale orders.
  6. Shipping and Returns: Wholesale shipping is a flat rate of $19.99 per order. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee unless the items are damaged upon arrival.
  7. Market Price Guidance: Your market pricing should not undercut our retail prices. We recommend referring to the retail prices listed on our retail website as a starting point. While you can adjust prices to align with your business and market conditions, your pricing must not be lower than our retail prices.
  8. Image Permissions: Please remember that you are not permitted to use Marie Nicole Clothing's model pictures; however, you are free to use any product images for your marketing purposes.

If you have any wholesale inquiries or questions regarding wholesale, please don't hesitate to contact us at wholesale@marienicoleclothing.com