Get paid to talk about Marie Nicole Clothing! We’re building a community of people all over the world that love MNC and want you to be included.

-Earn a 5% commission on every sale over $25 that uses your code or link!

-Payouts on the last Friday of every month via Paypal or Venmo. -Our top influencers will be sent free gifts! ;)

-Everyone that uses your code will get 10% off their order.

Important notes:

-Moving forward, influencers will not be able to post their link and code in our group. We definitely don’t want the VIP group overrun! If someone asks, you can comment with your code or link!

-Not everyone will be approved for this program.

-After 60 days of inactivity, your account will be suspended.

-Your account can be terminated at any time.

-Don’t spam people!

- If an order is canceled, your commission will be credited back as well.

- You cannot use our model photos, but product photos are free to use unedited.

- You cannot edit our logos or graphics.